Stride Ahead

I spent a long-long time skimming through my photo library looking for a satisfying avatar for myself, longer than the time I took to build the website. There are too many aspects I want to express in one picture: music, hobbies, lifegoals, personalities, and so on. I decided that was not possible after several rounds of fetching: I’ll have to write a book to represent my whole life, so I ended up choosing one of my passions as my avatar. Equestrian is a big part of my life; it allows me to take time to forget pressure and exhaustion in my life. I’m forced to focus on my gesture, my breathing, connection with my horse and a path we are taking when I’m on the back of a horse, and I enjoy the excitement when all of my attention is focusing on just one matter. There is no room in my head for the tests I did not do well or the arguments I had with my families. I often say riding is therapeutic to me, and it has been supporting my mental and physical health in many ways.

It is also a well-structured picture to me. Iphone did a good job focusing on the main subject, the horse and me, and blur out the background, giving a sense of we are striving forward, which is what I’m hoping for in my life as well. Look forward and take big strides no matter what’s in the front.

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